At South Carolina ASDA, we strive to promote the principles that our national organization stands for by protecting and advancing the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry. We serve as an introduction to organized dentistry and embody the balance of leadership and service. Serving as the student governing body of our dental school, we are fortunate to have 100% of our students as members in ASDA. Our Executive Committee consists of 28 students, 7 representative from each class that are voted on by their respective classes. We also have members serving in various capacities within our District 4 Executive Committee. The South Carolina Dental Association and administration at MUSC are extremely supportive of our student body and of our ASDA chapter. We love going to dental school in the #1 city in America! We host meetings and events geared toward each individual dental class, pre-dental students, residents and faculty. Some of our most notable events include ASDA Welcome Week, Pre-Dental Day, Prophy Cup Golf Tournament, Advocacy Week, Friendsgiving, State Lobby Day, Alumni Golf Tournament, and Senior Banquet. Check out our website ( for more information about our chapter, or feel free to reach out to any officer listed below!