meharry ASDA

Meharry ASDA aims to advocate on behalf of dental students nationwide with specific interest in our student body regarding issues that relate to the field of dentistry with a focus on: building intrepid leaders, promoting the importance of mentorship, community outreach, and strengthening participation in organized dentistry. We also take pride in being leaders both on and off campus, where we utilize our knowledge and resources to provide quality care to the community.  Our passion of organized dentistry is spreading through the school and we look forward to organizing events with our local dental societies: Capitol City Dental Society and The Tennessee Dental Association. MeharryASDA is passionate about actively engaging the student body through different avenues, especially by collaborating with fellow organizations, ADEA, SNDA, AADPH and many more. Here at Meharry ASDA we are preparing our members to exceptional leaders in organized dentistry.