Stan Brock founded Remote Area Medical (RAM) in 1985 after experiencing an accident in an area where doctors were not able to get to easily. Through this experience, Sam Brock realized that there are thousands in similar situations all over the world due to a multitude of barriers.


RAM’s mission is to prevent pain and alleviate the suffering of people by providing free quality healthcare to those in need. This mission is realized through the many free healthcare clinics throughout the country, and their events can be seen on the Google calendar.


RAM provides free medical, dental, and vision services to those who do not have access to care due to many barriers of access.  All patients that seek care at these clinics are treated with compassion, respect, and integrity. These qualities create an meaningful experience for the providers, volunteers, and patients.




Mission of Mercy is a free clinic that is put on throughout the country. At these clinics, patients receive free dental and medical care. All services provided to patients are free of charge. The many clinics for Mission of Mercy provide a much needed access to a variety of healthcare services in underserved in underserved populations. These clinics are volunteer run and many District 4 ASDA members volunteer at events around the district.