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What is Advocacy when attached to ASDA?

ASDA launches initiatives that support the benefit of both dental students and the profession of dentistry as a conglomerate.  ASDA advocates to protect and advance the rights, interest, and welfare of dental students.  By acting in both areas, ASDA inherently fights for the patients that current and future dentists serve. 

How do advocacy and legislative priorities affect you?  

These reforms that ASDA advocates, directly impact how dental students and current dental practitioners care for their patients, effectively manage debt, and prepare for licensure examinations.

What exactly is an Advocacy Academy?

An Advocacy Academy is a way to educate the broader membership at your chapter about legislative priorities, the basics of lobbying and the political process in general.


What to expect at this year’s Advocacy Academy?

  • An Introduction to current issues and the position that ASDA takes concerning them

  • Get to hear from Dental Support Organizations about future work opportunities

  • Learn about the benefits of ADPAC and how it can strengthen your voice

  • Gain an understanding of why Lobby Day is something you should be interested in

  • Receive information specifically related to topics that interest attendees as a whole

  • Participate in roundtable discussions centered around creating a true experience of what Lobby Day is like when vying for your position on various issues.

  • Hear from congressmen/congresswomen to understand firsthand, what it is that can make you more effective when lobbying issue important to you.

  • Hear from students that have experience attending lobby day and gain tactics that can help you along your journey.

  • Icebreakers and social events to interact with peers and guests attendees.

What can you do to enact change in these policies?


  • Stay informed by reading updates on legislative and regulatory activities 

  • Review ASDA’s Engage website to stay up to date on legislative issues facing dental students

  • Take part in Advocacy Month with your local chapter

  • Attend or organize a state lobby day

  • Engage a lawmaker at your chapter

  • Participate in an “Advocacy Academy”

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