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Ever wonder how other students cram for their finals? Curious about the transition from sim lab to clinic? The community is an online forum for you to connect, find solutions and learn alongside fellow members from across the country.


What can you expect from The ASDA Community? 

  • Explore. You'll have the ability to communicate and learn from others about topics that are important to you. Post a question and find an answer!

  • Engage. Respond to a post and help your peers out! Or, add documents to the dedicated Resource Library to share helpful information.

  • Connect. Find other ASDA members to seek advice and share common challenges.


Get started with The ASDA Community in four easy steps!

  1. Log into your MyASDA account.

  2. Update your Bio and Photo to My Profile. 

  3. In your MyASDA account, select The ASDA Community. You will be automatically signed in.

  4. Review and accept the User Terms.


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