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for the district 4

Annual Meeting

Greenville, South Carolina

January 10-12, 2020

welcome from our trustee

“Engaged leaders engaging members.” District 4 of the American Student Dental Association has proven itself over the years to be a wellspring for future leaders in organized dentistry.  Seven dental schools in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee comprise our 2,205 members. Our members are engaged in advocacy, dedicate time to predental initiatives, promote wellness, and share their passion for organized dentistry. In the words of ADA President Dr. Jeffrey Cole, “the future is bright!”


In planning for the 2019-2020 year, I am excited to create a District Strategic Plan to propel us further in success. By focusing my efforts as Trustee to these four goals, the District Cabinet is are able to take action with specific intentions in mind. Within this year, we hope to:

  • Increase number of National Leader applications for the 2020 cycle from all 7 chapters.

  • Increase quality and quantity of communication between chapter leaders.

  • Encourage membership engagement from all four classes.

  • Restructure District Meeting to provide high quality content to an engaged audience.

As a District, we provide activities and professional development aligned with the mission of ASDA.  We have a focus on philanthropy, advocacy and promoting a community to set students up for success in both their careers and in organized dentistry.  In 2019-20 we will come together as a District three times:

  • Leadership Retreat: exclusive for the District 4 Executive Cabinet, Membership Engagement Committee, and Presidential Council to exchange successful programming and begin planning our Annual District Meeting

  • Mid-Atlantic Advocacy Academy: a weekend focused exclusively on advocacy alongside Districts 2 & 3

  • Annual District 4 Meeting: a focus on professional development and introducing members to a lifelong involvement in organized dentistry


The success of these events is largely due to our dedicated leaders.  The District Trustee serves as the liaison between National ASDA and local chapters.  Elections for Trustee are held yearly at ASDA Annual Session in February. The Trustee then opens District Cabinet applications.  Our leadership consists of three councils:

  • District 4 Executive Cabinet: comprises 18 members, representing every school with positions related to advocacy, wellness, predental involvement, communications and meeting coordination.  Members participate in monthly conference calls and work remotely.

  • Presidential Council: all seven chapter presidents work alongside with the trustee and participate in conference calls for support and idea exchange.

  • Membership Engagement Committee: consists of one chapter liaison from each school with a newer involvement in ASDA. Each member of the MEC sits on one additional committee: Predental, Stainless Steel Crown Awards, Annual Meeting Planning, or Welcome Week Planning.


Additionally, we have been increasing our efforts on the presence of District 4 within National ASDA. We are fortunate to have, in addition to our Trustee, five National Leaders from four District 4 schools. Our members are represented on the Council on Advocacy, Council on Communications, Council on Professional Issues, and Editorial Board.


Now that you know all about District 4, please take some time to explore our website!  Each Executive Cabinet member has researched and prepared useful information for you. Highlights include a licensure map, wellness guides specific to each school, and information for predentals preparing for the application process.  We hope our website serves as a unique tool for you!


Grace Eichler

ASDA District 4 Trustee

MUSC Class of 2020