ASDA Advocacy

Win $100 for your chapter's advocacy committee!


ASDA District 4 is sponsoring a $100 giveaway to the chapter that sends the most Engage letters by by August 4th, 2020. Be on the look out for upcoming Engage alert breakdowns by #D4MorningPour.



Encourage your dental school classmates to send Engage letters, following these steps:

1. Visit ASDA Engage Website:

2. Send your Engage letter via the steps outlined previously.

3. After sending your Engage letter, forward the email confirmation to

4. Change the subject of the email to be "Name of your school / Engage".

5. Make sure to forward all engage alerts before the August 4th deadline.


*Confirmation emails must be forwarded by August 4th with your school's name in the subject line in order to be counted.

To represent the interests of dental students on legislative and regulatory issues that impact the dental profession; to launch grassroots initiatives in support of dental students and the profession; and to establish a legacy of action-oriented advocacy on behalf of our members' patients and the practice of dentistry.

ASDA's COUNCIL on advocacy

ASDA’s Council on Advocacy and Legislative Grassroots Network (LGN) are dedicated to increasing dental student understanding of and involvement in legislative processes – at the federal, state, and local levels.

The council launches grassroots initiatives in support of dental students and the profession and works to establish a legacy of action-oriented advocacy on behalf of our members' patients and the practice of dentistry.

More INformation on Key Legislative Issues
Advocacy and the Tripartite System

ASDA is a tripartite system, meaning you have a membership at the local, district, and national levels. With each of these three levels, there is the opportunity to get involved with advocacy. Leaders at each level are eager to help get you involved and interersted in the issues that matter most to us as dental students.


Talk to your Chapter's Advocacy Chair or Legislative Liaison to learn more about advocacy events at your school and how to get involved in your state. 

Follow along with our District 4 Advocacy Committee as they guide members on key legislative issues, host webinars, and hold advocacy related challenges. Keep scrolling to learn about our latest challenge!


Check out ASDA Advocacy on a national level as the Council on Advocacy works to determine ASDA's key issues and promote understanding and engagement across the nation. 


This website is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the most crucial, current issues in dental legislation. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily learn all about recent updates in dental legislature, advocate for advancements in dental care, and send letters to your legislators to promote ASDA initiatives. 

How can you get involved?

Life is busy being a dental student, but you can still be a part of legislation by quickly and easily sending Engage letters!


Here's how:

1. Visit ASDA Engage Website:

2. Check out the various issues in dental legislation.

3. Click "Take Action" at the top of the page to start an Engage letter.

4. Enter your information and click "Submit".

5. Review the already written letter and click "Submit" again.